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Busy Weekend at Chrissie Towers

Bit of chit-chat about decorating and the power of the internet in today's blog

What a busy weekend we’ve had, it’s been all go in our house, that’s why it’s been quiet from my computer as I haven’t had a lot of spare time.

Friday morning saw Jane and I going to the coffee morning at the Regal in Cleveleys to see our friends, then a pop into M&S for some food and then home to the dinner that I’d left Derek looking after, with written instructions I might add!

A quick lunch and then off to Asda and by this time I was starting to flag, especially as I had a vertigo attack the night before which wasn’t very nice, but us women have to brave don’t we!!! By the time I’d got back home and unpacked the shopping which Jane hates doing I must say, the afternoon was nearly over and after a quick cuppa and five minutes it was time to get the tea, where does time go to!!

On Saturday, Kevin picked his roller up and carried on with doing some decorating in our lounge which he had started last weekend and had to leave off for work, so we’re living in a tidy but disorganised house all the time, but who cares as long as it eventually gets done. Anyway, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and have some updating done as we haven’t changed our colour scheme, or indeed very much at all in the living room for ten years, so after me giving them earache for ages, they agreed that we should have a change, thank goodness.

I’ll be pushing the daisies up if they don’t let me have a change, after all, I don’t want to wait until I’m too old to enjoy it all - or not here!! We've had someone in to measure for a carpet, and with the promise of them taking away the old one thank goodness, we have got that sorted out. Although trying to pick the colour was as usual a marathon task, as we all like different things.

Derek was adamant that we have a completely different colour so after a week of looking at samples and changing our minds every day (I joke not) we eventually picked one that we all liked and is different to the one that's down now, so that sorted.

We’ve booked someone to come and ‘do our leather settees up’ as even though they are also 10 years old they are still in very good condition, albeit worn because we've all been sitting on them for 10 years (including various dogs!). We’ve been told they'll look 90% new when they are finished, and along with some new filling in the places where our posteriors have been, and the colour restored where the dogs have been, as well of the rest of it of course,  it will be also be easier (and a lot cheaper) than buying new, as getting these rather large settees upstairs into our living room was no mean feat. It got to the point that they were on the point of packing it in as a bad job when they were first delivered and taking them back to the shop, as we have such a bend on the staircase which makes things awkward. One final push managed it, and entirely apart from the logistics, I think there would be a battle with Jane as she'd decreed that her sofa is stopping put because she finds it so comfy!

The nxt thing to sort out, and was resolved after a post on Facebook, was to find someone who did awkward shaped blinds. We had a few people recommend the same person, so we’re having him to do our awkward shaped windows, as well as the rest of course! The power of the internet, it’s brilliant if you want to find things out, don’t you agree, especially as we’ve drawn a blank everywhere we’ve looked for someone to do shaped blinds, it’s always been ‘oh no we don’t do shapes’ which has puzzled me as conservatory blinds are funny shapes aren’t they, so at last someone who said it wasn’t a problem at all. I think quite a few blind people should learn how to do them as lots of people have funny windows these days don’t you think?

At last we got everything booked in and sorted out so the books of blinds and carpet samples have all gone back to where they came from much to Jane’s delight as they are bulky aren’t they, so then it was onto the good bit and buying new cushions and things for our new colour scheme, but I think I’d better write about what we got up to on Saturday tomorrow, doesn’t that sound odd, Saturday tomorrow, mmm food for thought, it looks wrong but is right, here I go again getting all twisted up, what am I like!!

What I really want next is someone who can make me a duvet cover and bedspread and pillow shams as I’ve found the exact fabric that I love and have been looking for but they make curtains and bed heads but not the actual duvet covers etc. which iI think is really weird, so I’m still feeling cheesed off. So if anyone can tell me who can do it, please let me know!!

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Published: 27th February 2017
Modified: 27th February 2017