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We Do Like to Drive Along the Prom, Prom, Prom

Photos from our jolly on Saturday, plus some local news too

Back to my tale of Saturday afternoon that I left off yesterday, when we went to the Squires Gate estate to have a look round. Jane had me on camera duty while we drove along the prom, taking photos through the window of the view.

Here's the result with all the bits of windscreen and car interior chopped off! It doesn't matter what the weather is doing, we always prefer to drive along the front if we're going that way, rather than fighting through the back roads.

Blackpool prom in the rain in February

Blackpool prom in the rain in February

Blackpool prom in the rain in February

Blackpool prom in the rain in February

First of all we went into Dunelm Mills to see what they had to offer and lo and behold we found several cushions in the exact colours that we wanted so there we were filling a trolley full of the blooming things.

Cushions for our decorating

We did wonder how we were going to get them home as we needed 12 cushions for two sofas and 2 chairs, and they take an awful lot of room up. As Derek refused to catch a tram home or walk home we thought we’d better squash them up in the boot and back seat of the car, (only joking about Derek in case you are wondering if I was really a sadistic so and so) so he took them back to the car and then we carried on shopping.

Of course, just like I did last time when we went there, I bought a lovely plastic, square pink and white 'Really Useful' box to put some of my pencils in as I have quite a few and that’s putting it mildly! So mission accomplished in there we went to the other shops to have a wander round.

Of course TK Maxx is a must for us as they do have some good bargains and their nick nacks and household things are great if you manage to drop on something you like. At least they do get unusual things that you don’t see elsewhere, so after a look round, lo and behold, we managed to get the rest of our cushions so at least that was that done with.

Of course we then had a wander to Staples soon to be re named although I can’t remember what it is, the old memory cogs aren’t functioning today, as Jane and Derek love to look at the arty things, while yours truly had a sit down on one of the office chairs to rest my poor aching bones! Of course no trip would be complete without picking up a few (more) coloured pencils, which we did of course as it’s our duty to keep stocked up. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Although I did enjoy my sit down especially when the staff kept walking past me and laughing and chatting at the sight of me slumped down in their chairs nearly asleep! Well that’s me all over, I love a sit down when we are shopping!!

We decided that as we were ages in the shops we’d been in and were starting to ache all over that it was time to go home to see how our decorator was getting on, although getting into the car was a bit tricky for Derek in the back seat as cushions were spilling out all over. It’s a good job I wasn’t sitting in the back as I would have disappeared under them all as they took so much room up, or maybe they would like me to disappear who knows, but eventually we got home for tea and a well earned sit down, again!!!

Joining Forces

Back onto local matters and I see that Fylde Council is talking of joining forces with Wyre Council which is a bit of back peddling as they had previously agreed to be part of a new Combined Authority for Lancashire, but as it seems that we will all be worse off if this happens then Fylde and Wyre are going to be the only two who are standing alone, and good for them I say.

Peter Gibson, the leader of Wyre Council, has always been against the proposed plans to merge everyone together and now says that we should claw back some of the things that Lancashire have taken from us. At last, the voice of reason.

As he says, there are services which we could do better than Lancashire have (or you could say haven't done) such as roads and pavements. Wyre used to be responsible for them but the county took it over, and not for the better in my opinion, as you can’t get Lancashire to do anything or agree to anything. They just ignore you by and large and hope you go away.

I've told you before, our group has tried to get things done with the roads on the promenade and it's Lancashire County Council who we have to talk to and as Lancashire just block you and refuse to speak to you or fob you off, what are we supposed to do.

Peter Gibson says that some services can be provided at a lower cost which I can believe, and can only be for the good of everyone can’t it. So I hope all this does happen and that we end up far better off under own steam rather than being lumped in with everyone else! 

It's almost as if there's a moat around the Fylde Coast - maybe it's a dry moat made of fields and countryside - but the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre areas certainly seem to be cut off from the rest of Lancashire. The landscape naturally isolates us so it makes sense that we should stick together and work together - instead of Fylde and Wyre having their strings pulled by LCC! (Blackpool of course is a Unitary authority and currently responsible for themselves).

What do you think?

Do you think that we'd be better off if all three local authority areas on the Fylde Coast were part of the same thing? Residents and visitors don't see the boundaries between the three so it would certainly make life easier wouldn't it. 

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Published: 28th February 2017
Modified: 28th February 2017