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A Lovely Spring Day

March began with a lovely sunny day - if only it would stay like that!

Can you believe that we’ve got to the 1st of March because I can’t. Time is simply rushing by, Kevin said to me yesterday that he couldn’t believe that it was Wednesday again, but at least the sun was shining for us yesterday even if it was a bit cold.

Jane went to a meeting in Blackpool yesterday afternoon and came back with a phone full of photos - you could have believed that it was Spring to look at them!

Blackpool Promenade on 1 March

In the night as the calendar ticked from February to March said my usual ‘White Rabbits’ at 12.04am, something I’ve always done, although I can’t see what good it does, it’s just a habit I suppose.

I think I was more superstitious when I was younger than I am now, wild horses wouldn’t have got me to walk under a ladder no way, I’ve even walked onto the road to avoid having to bring on bad luck, maybe if I got knocked over it would shoot holes in that theory wouldn’t it, that at least I didn’t have bad luck by not walking under it. No I just got mowed down!!

Decorators Delight

Our house is starting to resemble a bit of a tip upstairs in the living room as our decorating has been put on hold due to the men having to work and I don’t know about you, but when you’ve got ladders, paint cans, polythene sheeting and all the rest of the clummer that you have when you are decorating, all it does is to encourage you to make an even bigger mess by leaving everything out that you're using instead of tidying up like you normally would!

There are plants all pushed together in one spot, ornaments in another and the iron which is one of those steam ones with its own tank has been sitting on the floor waiting to be descaled since last Sunday when Jane last ironed. It’s almost as if you can stop being tidy minded as there is a mess anyway so to add more to it won’t make much difference which is true of me because everything has to have its place in my world. I can’t be doing with piles of stuff left lying about and a general air of ‘untidy’ oooh no, it can’t be done, so maybe I’m enjoying being untidy while I can. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just dopey old me?

Someone I knew in Yorkshire used to have ‘stuff’ left lying about her house all over the place, piles of books in one corner on the floor, children’s games, a pile of 'waiting to be ironed' washing, until everywhere you looked was covered in piles of something. Have you ever had the feeling that you had to sit on your hands and not be overcome by the urge to start tidying up and clearing away when you see someone's house like this, or a shop that you go into, I do.

Anyway, we've got a chap coming to make our two leather corner sofas look like new today so yesterday morning I set Derek and Kevin on with the task of pulling them forward and hoovering under them so that I wasn’t ashamed when they did come and lo and behold, they found quite a few dog sticks under there, I wonder how that happened!

Along with the sticks was, I would imagine a few dust bunnies, because even though we do pull them out once a flood they are very heavy so we don’t do it every week as it’s not like a conventional two seater settee where it takes no effort to move, but with the two of them on the job it was a lot easier. I was sure I wasn’t going to try and do it or I would have got shouted at for passing out on the floor with the effort!!

There’s one thing about it, the sun was shining beautifully and I’m loving it, it always cheers me up to see the sun. The dogs are lapping it up and are lying in the sun spots that are coming into the room, so I did my jobs with a much happier heart than I would if it was throwing it down with rain which by the way we are supposed to be getting today along with very strong winds, so here we go again with the foam! 

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Published: 2nd March 2017
Modified: 2nd March 2017