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Chaos and Confusion - Part III

You know what they say, you can't make an omelette without breaking an egg...

What a busy night we had on Wednesday night. There we were getting organised ready for our leather restorer to come yesterday morning (Thursday) making yet another tip upstairs.

As you know we have a set of steps for the dogs to climb up to get on the sofa, being as they have dickey legs, it looks a bit big but poor Muffin is a bit dyspraxic and you've never seen a performance like it when he goes up and down a step. He'd never manage a small one. 

Step for the dogs

So all that had to be moved as obviously they were on the end of one of the settees, the poor dogs didn’t know if they were going or coming as we started moving that and their toy boxes, and as I said yesterday, there are ‘things’ all over the place.

We have orchids and Christmas cacti and houseplants all over the cupboards, plus ornaments and all the stuff that you collect in a room where you mostly live. I did think he might think he’d come to a garage sale or something so we made an effort to at least tidy up a bit and make it look less like a shop!

I was raring to go and get stuck in but Jane had gone to the Rossall Beach Group meeting and the men in my life kept telling me to ‘sit down or else’ although what the 'or else' was I’m not sure. Eventually we got it all sorted out and ready for the ‘invasion’!

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we did a double shuffle as we say in Yorkshire, meaning that we got a move on, as he was supposed to be here by 10am. The rest of our stuff was moved away from the furniture so that they could have a clear run at it, dog blankets and the dogs and their grooming brushes were brought downstairs into the kitchen much to their puzzlement, and there was I at 11am and no sign of them!! So much for rushing about and doing all the things we wanted to do, such as moving my computer downstairs and as it’s washday in our house, the ironing stuff and clothes horse etc also had to be brought down to the kitchen. I love to iron upstairs as I can watch the sea and everything that is going on in front of me on the prom, being a nosey soul as I’m sure a lot of us are!!

A digression for damp washing...

Just diverting as I am well known for, as I mentioned bringing the clothes airer downstairs, am I the only old fashioned person who when the clothes are being ironed puts them on a clothes horse to air all night? When I see people on TV  merrily ironing away and then putting the folded clothes that must be damp in a heap on top of one another, it makes me cringe because with any steam iron which most people use, it makes the clothes damp again.

Number one, when clothes are damp and folded up they must crease like mad and number two when they have been ironed, they are going to be naturally damp aren’t there. My dear old mum would have a fit if she saw people doing that today as everything had to be ‘aired’ to within an inch of its life or you would be putting damp clothes on and getting double pneumonia or something. As a result, I find myself copying many of the things that she used to do although I must admit when I am ironing I do take short cuts which would have horrified her!

My mum used to iron everything that could be ironed, shirts were immaculate with the collar ironed on both sides as well as inside the cuffs, I’m naughty, I don’t, I just iron the outside of the cuffs and the collar which is showing, not the back, maybe I’ll go to hell!! Pillow slips were ironed with precision with the start of which was being to iron the inside of the pillow case where it folds over, next came the back to be ironed, then the front and lastly the pillow case was doubled up and a smart crease was ironed onto it, both sides of course.

I just fold the pillow cases in two and iron both sides of what is the front after all, the minute you get in bed and put your head on the pillow, it just creases up, so I’m sorry mum, what’s the point! I take the same short cuts with Derek’s pyjamas, I just iron the fronts and sleeves and collar, again, the minute you get into bed they look like you’ve done ten rounds with Frank Bruno so I haven’t the energy or time to be so meticulous as my mum, but I must say, she was a beautiful ironer!!

Back to the sofa man...

Update on the leather man. Derek rang to see where he was and apparently he’s stopped for some food so that when he does come he can work straight through, he turned up and got cracking, I’ll let you know what happened another day!

Restoring leather sofas

Published: 3rd March 2017
Modified: 3rd March 2017