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There's Nothing Like a Good Clear Out...

We started by clearing out corners and cupboards... then Muffin had a good clear out of a different kind...

Here I am again after another busy weekend, well it has to be done while we are in a mess. So Kevin was doing some sanding and glossing in our lounge while we set to and started thinning our book shelves out, and did they need it!

When we moved from Yorkshire we brought lots of books with us, even though we did get rid of a lot of them before we moved, so along with books we’ve bought since we came here, our bookshelves (and the floor) were starting to complain about the weight. Now as I’ve said before, I am a hoarder, so I think Jane thought I wouldn’t want to get rid of any when push came to shove, but there I was saying ‘that can go, keep that, that can go’ and so it went on until the dining table was groaning with the weight of the books. It’s quite amazing how heavy books are when you put them on top of each other, so we set Derek on with the job of packing them up in boxes which kept him quiet for a while!

Books clear out
Making the most of retirement - as if! I think that was bought for a joke for Derek...

We’ve often said that we wondered what people would make of our family if they looked at the bookshelves, as we have such a mixture of books. We have DIY books, quite a few from when Kevin was learning many years ago, gardening books, seaside books, Stephen King books (blood thirsty me books, as I love a good thriller or whodunit) Catherine Cookson ones from donkeys years ago, Jane’s books not mine. Dog and budgie books, business books, and ones about planets and deep space (they're Jane's too!).

I could go on all night, it certainly is an eclectic lot so it was a good job that I had my 'not sentimental head' on and got cracking at getting rid and I must say they shelves look a lot better! Luckily one of our friends is taking them off our hands for a charity shop so at least they will be of good use to someone.

It’s also surprising how dirty it makes me feel the minute I start doing things like that, I don’t know about anyone else out there, I end up feeling as though I’ve had a fall of soot down my nose. My face, or at least the skin on it goes as tight as a drum and I end up feeling as though I’ve had my face in a bag of dust from the vacuum cleaner. It always makes my hands and face feel dry and sore as well, so when I’ve had my bath at night, I have to drown myself in moisturiser or I end up being used as sandpaper, I joke not!!

Twins, conjoined by an ironing board cover

Something else we found in the cupboard was a new ironing board cover, which we did need as the old one has holes in it. Dumb and Dumber decided that it was a shower cap, which could make them into conjoined twins!

Changing Nappies

Anyway, onto Sundays events and that started at 5am when Jane got up and found that Muffin had had stomach ache and been sick all over the place in his cage which they sleep in at night! He carried on throwing up and ejecting from his back end if you get me, while she was trying to get the blankets out from their bed to clean that up.

Apparently he was covered in it so she got him outside while she pulled out the pooed and sicked up blankets. Then she had to wash him down round his back end before she could let him back into the house and oh the smell as she described it, was horrible! Funnily enough at the Rossall Group last week she'd only just been saying that she'd never changed a nappy...

Luckily he didn’t seem poorly on himself, thank goodness, and when he’d finally cleared out he seemed more settled and went to sleep on the settee, which was covered in dust sheets might I add.

In the afternoon when we knew he was more himself, we had no choice but to bath him (and Koko), so Kevin and I marched them both into my bathroom which has a plumbed in shower head that is brilliant for bathing the dogs, so armed with a million dog towels we set to and did the deed.

Jane hates bathing the dogs, especially as they have wobbly back legs if you start rubbing away at them with the shampoo, so we get the job. Derek is just hopeless as he can’t think fast enough when you are doing something, so Kevin draws the short straw every time although we manage very well between us I must say. Eventually we had two very 'sorry for themselves' dogs who look as though they had lost two stones in weight when they are wet through as they have thick long coats which makes them look ‘rotund’ when they are dry.

Muffin has a bath

Derek came in handy as the beauty parlour attendant and got cracking with the hairdryer to stop them from being wet and miserable and eventually the deed was done and we went back to what we were doing (ie decorating). Boring I must say, although being as it’s raining I felt a bit of colouring-in coming on after I finished this, as I was barred from doing any bending or lifting. So here’s to sitting in a very untidy living room and fiddling while Rome burned as they say!

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Published: 6th March 2017
Modified: 6th March 2017