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Spring Cleaning Fever

I've started clearing things out and now I can't stop - it's the sunshine that does it!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday, the sun was so lovely and warming our lounge up, while the blue skies are just beautiful.

Beach on a lovely March day

Maybe we are having a rest from the rain which is due to come back, which it would as today is my shopping day!

It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t get soaked wet through on supermarket day, so I enjoyed the beautiful day while I could. It's just as well that it was a nice day as some of our Rossall Beach group turned up to tidy a neighbour and friends garage up where we store all our beach cleaning gear.

Joyce, who is 92, has been kind enough to let us use her garage to store all our litter pickers, hoops and all the rest of the stuff there, as all our garages are full of cars! The poor lady had a fall the other day and has landed up in hospital - with nothing broken thankfully - but at her age and being frail anyway, it’s not looking good for her being able to walk in future. We had been talking about having a sort out for a while, so we decided that today would be a good day to do a stocktake.

Clearing Rossall Beach stuff up in storage

Some of us turned up at 10am and set to trying to sort out all the boxes and bags that we have acquired over the last nine years that our group has been going for. Brenda and Dorothy, both armed with notepads and sheets of paper, set to as we were counting everything that we’ve got.

It’s amazing what you find when you start, there were children’s hi vis vests, adults vests of all shapes and sizes (which we've just bought, as we'd run out) hoops to hold the sacks, placards and sign boards all the things that you need to keep a group like ours going.

All the vests were folded neatly and sorted into sizes for the adult ones and duly written down how many and what was what. It certainly wasn’t a very clean job but guess who kept away from the corners of the garage where spiders might be lurking, yes me!! There was no way that I was going to start screaming and running out of the garage at the sight of these horrible things. Now that my super duper spider-stopper that I have plugged into my bedroom seems to have done the trick and left me spider free for months, so I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security but I was on the lookout, unbeknown to my friends.

We managed to condense some of the boxes and bags and Betty kindly took the bulk of the litter pickers and hoops which was great as we have so much stuff as you do over a long period of time. And with up to 50 people turning up to our monthly beach cleans we need to have enough equipment for everyone who comes along.

Clearing up group

We looked like a bunch of ragamuffins, and as usual we managed to make a dirty, boring job into a funny one and as we said when we came home, there wasn’t a wrong word from any of us which is usual and so nice to be part of. After all what point is there in being in a group of people who can’t get on or enjoy what they're doing.

Eventually we got to the end and after some sweeping up by different people we declared that we’d done a good job and got rid of a lot of things and had a good sort out so what more do you want! Eventually I took my by now aching-all-over body back home to have some lunch and a good sit down, as me and standing up don’t get on very well.

Spring Cleaning Fever

I think I must have got the tidying up bug at the moment after all the sorting out in our lounge as I can’t seem to stop.

I’ve made a start of looking into the tops of my wardrobes, although a lot of the time I have closed the doors as I know that they are tidy without anything there to throw away.

Next came the kitchen cupboards which I have been going through, again slowly when I have the time as I’m usually busy, busy, busy, but when I get the ‘itch’ to start emptying, I like to carry on as it doesn’t always last that long especially if I scratch the itch!

I just can’t seem to stop wanting to sort everything out, pretty much like they say a pregnant woman does when she’s nearly ready to give birth, and no I’m not pregnant which would be a miracle and thank goodness I’m not or I would probably jump into the sea.

I rather think it’s more to do with the time of year, as every year since I’ve been married I seem to want to start cleaning and sorting when the days start getting lighter, so even at my tender age I’ve not lost the knack, it’s just my body that screams ‘help’ at me!!

I don’t reckon much to this getting old lark where my brain thinks I’m in my thirties and my body says a loud ‘oh no you’re not’ but at least I’m still here to tell the tale as they say, so that can’t be bad can it. Especially when we have beautiful days like yesterday and the garden is starting to come into life, so bring the Spring on I say, I’m more than ready for it, how about you?

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Published: 7th March 2017
Modified: 7th March 2017