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Disabled Parking Clamp-Down

There's to be a clamp-down on parking in Disabled Bays - is there going to be one for mother & baby spaces too?

I had (another) rant yesterday about the NHS, so today I thought I'd share my thoughts on something else that I saw in the Gazette about the mis-use of the blue parking disabled badges that is going on, as there is going to be a clamp down on motorists who are parking in disabled spaces without a badge.

Disabled parking

Did you know that 928 fixed penalty notices were issued from August 2015 to July last year which works out at two a day on average, I didn’t know.

Most were given for parking in the wrong on-street bays with 353 tickets being issued in off-street spaces as well. Of course you shouldn't park in the wrong places without the appropriate badge as most disabled people need them for one health reason or another, although I must say that you see plenty of people almost running back to their cars while holding their sticks up in the air, so whether they are ‘borrowing’ a relatives badge I don’t know, but that is also illegal of course.

The majority of badges are genuinely needed and that’s fine - but it is also a fact that in spite of it saying that they shouldn’t park in a place that will cause danger, some do, and I’ve seen quite a lot of that round here, especially right up to the corners on Beach Road making it difficult for moving motorists to see if anything is coming.

Another thing that I think is abused are the parking spaces for mother and toddlers and I would state that only mums with prams or small children (ie 'toddlers') can park in them. More times than I can tell have we seen people just popping into the space without a child, and then there are the parents who go in one with a teenager, which gets my goat. Really, in this day of encouraging everyone to exercise shouldn’t they be walking, after all they haven’t exactly got short, tired legs have they. Personally I wouldn’t dare do that I would feel too embarrassed.

I go with my daughter to the supermarket and as I am her mum does that allow me to park in a mother and toddler bay? I think not, so why are parents with older children who don’t need a space quite obviously doing it. Wouldn’t we all like a nice wide parking spot near the front door, although why young parents have to be right outside a door is a mystery to me as they are the ones who are more capable of walking than oldies than like me. Having said that even though I haven’t got the best knees in the world, I like to walk and we usually park at the back of the supermarket car park to avoid getting the car door dented, which has happened a few times, or is that just me!

Another mucky job

Back to domestic matters at Chrissie Towers and yesterday afternoon. I’d just finished my ironing and was sat on the settee watching my dear husband on his hands and knees, no I wasn't knighting him. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day yesterday so he was doing something that I mentioned I would do last weekend.

As we are having our new carpet fitted next week, I declared that I was going to clean the sides of the patio doors in our lounge, you know, the very sides of the door that meet when you close it. I was met by a resounding ‘oh no you’re not’ from all three of them with Derek saying that he would do it, although I was prepared to have a go, but they knew I would be in pain so there he was yesterday, taking advantage of the day to get the mucky deed done.

After realising that he needed the steps even though he is rather tall, downstairs he went and after a couple of trips, tiring himself out before he began, he set to - much to the amusement of the dogs who thought it was wonderful to have the doors wide open. Off he went, with one of those pan scourer things with a handle on it and started rubbing away to find that he couldn’t see because of the sun, so down the steps he came to fetch his baseball cap to shield the sun from his eyes.

Next came the mutterings of which there were many believe me, muttering and grumbling seems to ‘get him going’ when he’s doing something that he’s not keen on, so I was treated to lots of under-the-breath talk along with a naughty word when he caught his finger on the metal, shame on him!!!

I’m not being fussy but when you live on the sea front, you get sand blowing into the track which gets wet and then turns into mud and soon builds up into nice little piles on each corner of the track. Along with that there is a helping of dog hairs which is caused by the dogs squeezing through a small gap in the door when they want to go out and it’s raining or blowing which then builds up, so it definitely isn’t a job to be done when we have a new carpet down, don’t you think! It sounds as though we live in a pig sty doesn’t it, but that’s one of the joys of living on the sea front.

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Published: 10th March 2017
Modified: 10th March 2017