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You Can't Make an Omelette without Breaking an Egg

We'll be glad when the decorating is over, we're making such a mess!

What a weekend it turned out to be in our house, it’s been like all hands on deck as we are up to the neck in decorating, moving things and generally turning the lounge into a tip! Luckily for us (and not for other people) the weather wasn’t too brilliant as it is a bit sickening when the sun is shining and people are enjoying the prom and you are stuck inside cleaning. On saturday we started moving books and emptying cupboards as we’ve been told that the carpet fitters will move furniture but only if the cupboards etc are empty, which is a fair comment but oh the uproar it has caused.

As the people who regularly read my blog will know, we live upstairs as the view over the sea is so lovely, but the down side is that you have to go up and down stairs a lot, although the good point of that is that I have upper leg muscles that would put a body builder to shame! Anyway, we have loads of books to move and they are heavy, so we started moving them downstairs under the staircase.

Derek said that we have about a thousand books which I think is a bit over the top even for his usual exaggeration, but we reckon there are easily 5-600 books at least and we have just got rid of this stack to the charity shop.

Book clear out

Jane and I started emptying the cupboards but I got side tracked by all the things that I found in them, bits and bobs I’d forgotten about, you know how it is, you just push things in out of the way and then forget where they are.

I had to pack in helping as I had three of them yelling in my ears ‘sit down, do as you are told, behave. Put that down’ and so it went on, so sit down I did, while being surrounded by such a mess that you wouldn’t believe it possible.

The furniture is covered in dust sheets as we have just had it spruced up so we are sliding all over the place everytime we move. Jane keeps saying that she’ll be glad when the dust sheets have gone but at least it’s being protected from assault and battery!

Kevin was busy painting the fireplace wall as we have changed the colour from white to grey for a change.

Decorating our wall in grey

So all we heard from him was ‘the paint is showing through, it’s like water’ which it wasn’t and as we were forbidden from getting a too ‘thick’ paint, we told him to pipe down, so he carried on mumbling away to himself. Then he was convinced that we wouldn’t have enough paint, and so he went on while we were just letting him ramble away.

Eventually tea time came, thank goodness, and we declared that we were putting our tools down and that was it. Sunday brought more of the same if even worse as the mess is getting worse if that is possible. Still yet more books and cupboards to empty although the dogs are happy as I’m sitting down and typing.

Decorating and typing in a pigsty

Jane said that I look surreal as I’m sitting on a pile of dust sheets typing away oblivious to all the chaos round me. Jane was ironing, Kevin was tidying up the paint where the grey meets the white while Derek had vanished, probably gone for a lie down out of the way, the dogs were snoring so all was well in our house.

Where we are going to put the rest of the stuff is a mystery to me as every corner outside the lounge is full of ‘stuff’ with more yet to come. I had suggested that we started emptying things this weekend as the carpet fitters are here on Tuesday, and a good job I did too as we have so much stuff to get out of the way!

One thing that we have decided is that we aren’t ever moving because if this is the amount of things we have in one room we’d need a fleet of lorries to move our stuff, it makes my head ache just to think about it. It was exhausting watching them never mind doing heavy weight lifting, wimp that I am, and by the time I finished it was tea time!

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Published: 13th March 2017
Modified: 13th March 2017