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Lovely Day, Lovely Crowd of People!

The sun came out for a lovely morning yesterday for the community beach clean at Cleveleys

What a lovely afternoon it turned out to be yesterday, it was a bit drizzly in the morning when everyone turned up to do the beach clean. There were about forty people who came along with some welcome-to-see fresh faces which was pretty good on a drizzly morning.

Beach cleaning group, 13.3.17

At least the rain cleared up early on and the sun came out, then we had sunshine which is like a breath of Spring.

Some schoolchildren came along from Manor Beach to help make a video about how it is so wrong to take the pebbles from the beach as they are our natural sea defences, and when people take car loads of them and bring reinforced sacks and buckets to take them away, it does rapidly decrease the amount of pebbles on the beach.

The children were shown how when the water hits the pebbles on a high beach, the porous structure of the beach breaks the strength of the waves, stops big waves from forming and stops the sea from overtopping and causing flooding.

Children from Manor Beach school helping with the pebbles campaign

The trouble is, people don’t know this and have to be educated on the subject, I think they think it's a load of old busy-bodies with nothing better to worry about than looking for people on the rob.

But they need to know that first of all it is illegal and secondly over the years of pebble pinching (with the second added problem that winter storms can shift a lot of pebbles too) we have seen a sharp decline in the amount of pebbles on the top, dry section of our beach, therefore putting us at risk of flooding. 

People tend to think that they are only taking a few and why does it matter - there are plenty more - but multiply that by hundreds of people every year, each taking big quantities in buckets, bags and even trailers, and the inevitable happens, and I for one don’t want to be flooded when it is preventable! 

As I've said before, I can't beach clean any longer because of my cronky body, but I do enjoy going to the coffee afterwards at The Venue. We asked if we could go and sit round the corner from where we usually are near to the snooker table as there are such a lot of us and we as a group don’t want people to feel left out, especially if they are new. There’s nothing worse than going to a new group and feeling as though you are being ignored or the 'new' one, so our group always go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome, so round the corner we went.

Coffee after the beach clean at The Venue

I would say we went round the bend but as I’m already round the bend in my mind I’ll say the corner! I must say that we don’t half make a lot of noise when we get together but that is the nice thing about it, lots of people enjoying our beach and sea front, getting together to do something for the environment and getting something out of it for themselves so it can’t be bad can it!

Coffee at The Venue

If you would like to join the group - whether looking after the beach is your primary motivation or whether you want to meet new people and make friends - you are always very welcome to come along and join in. 

The beach clean is every 4 weeks on a Monday morning, and then on alternate fortnights there's a meeting on Weds at 6pm at the Community Centre. You can get all the dates and details from www.facebook.com/RossallBeachBuddies

Rubbish collected at the beach clean

Poorly soldier

Poor Derek has been feeling off it with his AF which as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous blog he’s been having umpteen tests for and was been really fed up of it yesterday morning, he must have been feeling awful as he’s made an appointment to see his doctor, on Friday actually as they are full until then, and as wild horses won’t normally drag him there I know he must be out of sorts. I hope he soon feels well again and is back to normal, fingers crossed.

Stig of the Dump

We are still living in a tip, with most of the ‘stuff’ moved out of the living room except the things we needed overnight last night. Kevin has treated our oak table and chairs to a good rub down and clean and has got the good old Danish oil out to polish it up before the carpet men come tomorrow as it’s not something that you want to do when a new carpet is down believe me, so he was listening to the clack of my typewriter keys (is that what you call computer keys) while the soothing noise was slowly putting me to sleep. I think it must have been hypnotising me as the sunshine warmed the room up and I felt all relaxed, warm and sleepy. It won’t stay that way though as there are always things to do, busy busy busy that’s me!

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Published: 14th March 2017
Modified: 14th March 2017