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Carpets, Blinds and Chaos!

We still can't find anything here at Chrissie Towers, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel - unless it's a train!

At last, that’s the end of the workmen for a while, I so hope anyway.

Tuesday was a bit like bedlam here at our house with the carpet fitters turning up in the morning and not going until 5.30pm. Every room in our house is full of books, furniture, lights you name it, it’s packed. The trouble is, I can’t find anything as I thought it wouldn’t be too long a job but having been told that it’s all staying put until the weekend because of work, so I’ll just have to resign myself to being in a tip!

The carpet fitters thankfully took the old carpet away which was wonderful because from past experience trying to get rid of an old one is a nightmare of epic proportions and this one here is what you call rather large to say the least, so was I glad when I knew they would get rid of the old one.

I was confined to the kitchen as they were so busy fitting it as you can tell by the length of time it took them. The old one was cut up into manageable pieces and easily taken out but when they brought the new one in, oh my goodness what a nightmare. It was quite obvious that it weighed a ton just by looking at the poor mens’ faces which were a shade of lobster red as they tugged and pulled. They looked like they were trying to get a sound out of a trumpet as their cheeks were distended and their eyes bulging poor things, so Kevin joined in with the middle section and also started to look like a well cooked lobster.

We have a turn in our staircase which was the sticking point, trying to get an enormous carpet up there and round a corner was no easy feat and at one point I thought they were either going to have a heart attack or pack it in as a bad job! Put it this way they went and had a sit down in their van when they finally got it there up into the lounge so you can tell what a strain it was. Kevin started complaining that his back was hurting, but looking on the bright side, the second piece of rolled up carpet wasn’t as bad, thank goodness!

Having workmen take your house over for the day isn’t my idea of fun, so I kept well and truly out of their way, although the other nosey lot couldn’t resist keep having a look to see what it was like. The hall was full of bits of carpet fluff everywhere and a friend of mine, who had popped round in the morning, nearly had a fit when I showed her the front room which was heaving with stuff.

By now the hallway, which we'd piled up with books under the staircase and out into the hall at the weekend, was full to the gunnels with chairs, tables, you name it, and I could just get into my bedroom at a squeeze, but the funny thing was that when my friend was going out of the front door there was some carpet rolled up there and I nearly had a fit when I looked at it.

I pulled some of the carpet open, with my eyes popping out in disbelief, and shouted ‘oh no, it’s the same colour as the old one, I must have ordered the same and got the wrong number and shade for the new one’. By this time a million thoughts had gone through my head, like ‘they’ll kill me if it’s the same colour, oh what have I done’ when the carpet fitter who was standing behind me and I didn’t know said while laughing all over his face, ‘don’t worry, that’s the old one that you’re looking at.’ Was I relieved when he said that, so the three of us stood there having a laugh at my expense!

Eventually they had finished so after we'd had our tea in the kitchen, it was by now about 5.45pm, and after a full day of banging and hammering we went up to see the finished article and what a good job they have made of it too, especially when it’s a big carpet with lots of awkward shapes, so the next thing was to start hoovering all the fluff off.

Jane and Derek both had a hoover each and emptied bag after bag of fluffy stuff and bits, I thought we were never going to get to end of it. The fitters had left the furniture in the middle of the room so that we could hoover round the edges before putting it back, so by 7.30pm, we declared that we’d had enough as we were all very tired by this time.

So we downed tools and sat in what was by now a still empty but at least tidy room, which now had the sofas, coffee tables and lamps in the right places, if nothing else. The poor dogs were so relieved to get back into their living room, they’ve hardly slept a wink the last two days as there has been so much going off round them and they are very nosey, so as I was typing this they had both crashed out in their favourite places as if to say ‘thank goodness for that.’

The blind man was here yesterday morning, well a man who fits blinds, not literally a blind man or he would have had a job putting them up wouldn’t he, maybe I’ll tell you about that tomorrow unless I’ve put you all to sleep with the thought of all the hard work that we’ve been doing!

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Published: 16th March 2017
Modified: 16th March 2017