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Storm Stella and a Twitter Bill for Katie Hopkins

Looks like the bad weather from the USA has arrived, plus the cost of saying the wrong thing on Twitter for Katie

Blackpool North, rough sea at Anchorsholme

There I was enjoying the lovely sunshine while I was ironing and lo and behold it went, to be replaced by grey heavy skies and a rough windy sea. Well it's still March I suppose, but when it warms up a bit it makes you long for the real Spring to come doesn’t it. 

The wind that's got up is the back end of Storm Stella which has swept across America. We've got friends in the USA where the snow storm has dumped a good depth of the white stuff, and it's 'proper snow', so fingers crossed our weather today stops at rain.

The Blind Man Cometh

I’ll not bore you with the details but Wednesday morning was a full morning of having our new blinds fitted and very nice they are too. I especially was looking forward to the new electric Velux blinds that we’ve had fitted as yours truly keeps getting blinded by the sun when it gets at a certain angle, usually when I’m on the settee doing my blog and I’m all fastened down with books and cables and dogs which makes it a chore having to unplug everything and move somewhere else. Although if I do move, the sun seems to race after me wherever I sit and blind and roast me so I can’t win.

I must say that they are brilliant and we should have had them ten years ago. Normal window blinds would have been a struggle because 1. the windows are high up and no one can reach them, and 2. I haven't got the strength to use our window pole to open and close them, plus which when I look up I get really bad vertigo - being elderly and all that, which is why we splashed out on posh ones.

There I was doing my blog yesterday and I picked up the remote control and lowered it to stop the sun getting into my eyes and stopping me from typing. Derek has done nothing but play with them since we got them. Much like the 'Grand Old Duke of York', one minute they’re up, the next down, then halfway and back up. I don’t think he’s had so much entertainment since Adam was a lad as they say, bless him.

No disrespect to the carpet fitters and the blind man as they weren’t a bit of bother, but is anyone else like me and Kevin who don’t like having workmen in the house? Even when they are brilliant and easy to get on with don’t you think it’s like they invade your private space, I feel as though it’s not my house anymore, aren’t I daft. But at least Kevin thinks the same as me, well he would wouldn’t he as he’s more like me than Jane is, oddly enough.

Yesterday was a workman free day, lovely, just the job as I was starting to try and make some sense of all the boxes of packed up stuff waiting to go back upstairs. I unpacked two and decided that there was far too much weight for little me to lug up the stairs, so I packed in and got on with the boring mundane jobs of living!

Malicious Tweets Cost Money

What about the news that harmful tweets can cost big money, as a Twitter user won £24,000, as ruled in court when Katie Hopkins lost a libel fight with someone on Twitter.

Think before you Tweet

She has to pay all the legal costs which amounts to a tidy sum and a lot more than the claimant won, so I think we can conclude that she must have been crying into her breakfast cereal!

I must say that I think it’s about time that action was taken against ‘people’ who think they can say what they want on the modern internet as though it doesn’t matter, because it does, it’s hurtful and often harming to the person involved when people tell lies or are spiteful.

Myself I can’t see what pleasure people get from doing this kind of thing can you? What must be missing in their lives that makes them want to hurt people? I’m so glad that I don’t have teenagers today with all the nastiness that some of them get up to, it was bad enough when Jane was at school, she was bullied from day one at five years old and it went on all through her school life and into the job she had where she first worked - in fact that was why she started our business. To some extent it carried on throughout her later work life so if these people had had access to the internet in those days I dread to think what they would have done.

When children can be driven to suicide and all the rest that they put up with it’s time that these nasty people were stopped. I’m just glad I haven’t children going through the school system as I’m not the right nature to not get upset by it!

We actually met one of the girls in a local supermarket as an adult who was part of a gang that bullied Jane at school right up to her leaving at eighteen, and she actually apologised for the way that she'd behaved back then, which I thought was big of her. But most of all, it was like an admittance that these girls were making life awful for her to the point of one in particular getting the other girls in her ‘gang’ to completely ignore her, and that was in the sixth form until they left.

As a result, Jane made friends with the boys who she got on with very well might I say, and formed friendships that were good and left the girls to it. I’ve always thought that girls are more spiteful than boys, the boys seem to have a rant or a spat and thump one another and then are friends again, not so girls unfortunately and before anyone jumps on me, obviously that’s not all children, there are a lot of nice kids out there and hopefully they will end up being the children who in time will out number the ‘bad ones’ but in our experience an awful lot of them carry on to be bullies in the grown up world - probably on social media too. Sad isn’t it!

What do you think?

Were you ever bullied? Were your kids bullied? Have you been on the receiving end of spite on social media? 

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Published: 17th March 2017
Modified: 17th March 2017