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Order out of Chaos!

Tidiness is restored in our living room as we see the light at the end of the tunnel of decorating!

I thought I’d better write a blog today before you all thought that I’d emigrated or something, but we have been sooooo busy here in our house.

At last we are starting to get some order out of chaos, the hall has appeared again along with the other rooms which have been crammed to the gunnels with all the things we had to empty out of cupboards etc so that the furniture could be moved by our carpet fitters.

Books were one of the worst to move as we have such a lot, even though we have got rid of a lot of them, and my are they heavy or what! It’s a wonder that we aren’t all bow legged under the weight of them as we had taken them all downstairs and obviously they had to come back up again, which is harder still on the knees and back, although I didn’t do the books. I was banned as they didn’t want me to end up falling down the stairs and then they would have to look after me as well, perish the thought with the mess we’ve been in!

Anyway, where to start was the problem as we tried to make order out of chaos, even the shower and bathroom were full of stuff, it was everywhere so what a relief to start moving it all back to where it belonged.

When the things had been moved from downstairs, I set to and started the great British Clean Up as such a lot of dust had been created everywhere downstairs, so out came my pink Chrissie’s bucket (they have been banned from using it) and off I went, cleaning, polishing, sorting things out and washing some things that needed it.

It was no slow job I must say but eventually I stood there pleased with my efforts and so glad that order had been restored as I don’t like being in a mess at which my lot would say ‘Reee-a-lly? You don’t like being in a mess I would never have guessed’ very wryly might I add.

Meanwhile the dogs were wondering where I was but I was happy just to get cracking and have normal service resumed, so the others were upstairs trying to sort what went where and at last the books went back into the bookcases and we could get them tidy again.

I must say that we have a very eclectic mix of books and what a psychiatrist would make of us I don’t know. We have DIY, cookery, health, antiques (that’s about me) thrillers, autobiographies, deep space, physics, dogs, pets, and bibles - oh the list is endless - but Jane took the matter in hand and started sorting them all into categories as they went on the shelves.

She becomes very ‘anal’ as they say when it comes to books and other things too as they have to be in groups and sizes etc or she’s not a happy bunny. You know what it’s like, someone takes a book of the shelf and then puts it back where they feel like it, usually the nearest to them, which drives Jane mad so woe betide anyone (Derek and Kevin) who dares to mess her system up!

We really flogged all day and both Jane and I said that we felt filthy by the time we’d finished as dust seems to get stuck onto your face and in your hair and everywhere, although don’t think out house is covered in six feet of dust, it’s just what happens when you start doing this kind of job. Have you also noticed how it seems to dry your skin up on your face and then your lips become dry and sore, why I don’t know, or maybe it’s just me.

Sunday was another day of sorting out and tidying, along with washing and ironing and all the other things we have to do. Derek set to and started taking the cellophane off the new lampshades which got him in a tizzy, but when he started to put the shades on the lamps he got in a right state.

We were all falling about laughing at him as he got his fittings all in a muddle, not really his fault as Kevin had been messing about with the light but it did give us a good laugh. The one thing that was a shame was the parcel from Dunelm Mills which we had been waiting a week for. We had ordered some pottery made by Dorma, two pieces in the shape of artichoke things, to go on the mantlepiece.

Broken artichoke

When we opened the box had miraculously become one hundred and two, which we already knew before we even opened the box, due to the rattling ceramic sound that we heard coming from inside the box!

Yes there they were, smashed up, but no wonder as some dope had put one sheet of bubble wrap just pulled round the ornament and not even sellotaped, so there’s no wonder that they had both broken.

Also we had ordered some lamp shades and they had managed to get all the sizes wrong which was no surprise as the web site was in inches and the shades themselves centimetres so the lot is going to go back, very disappointing I must say and as a first time of buying on line from them it does put me off from using the web site again.

However, Jane was ironing while I did this and then we finished off the last few bits of things to be done, then teatime and a welcome sit down, but at least it’s a job well done!

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Published: 20th March 2017
Modified: 20th March 2017