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The Poulton and Carleton Residents' Association is a voice for the area, continuing to host the Forum meetings, and is a chance for you to find out what's happening and to voice your opinion.

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St Chad's Church Hall Repairs

An update to offers of help for St Chad's Church Hall from Poulton Forum following the meeting on 19.11.12.

Lesley Middleton, Chair of Poulton Forum, explains:

Bill Waller, Councillor McCann and I met with Martin Keighley, the vicar of St Chads to discuss the future of the Church Hall following the discussion at the Forum on 19 November.

We told him that the Church Hall is held in great esteem and those present at the Forum were keen for it to be preserved and renovated. We asked if the Church would welcome the participation of volunteers to work with the Church to investigate funding streams to raise the monies needed.

Martin said that following the 2005 structural survey report the Parochial Church Council (PCC) had decided that it was not cost effective to invest such large sums of money in restoration.

For the present they can afford to keep the hall open and repaired and at the moment the Church is committed to maintain the building. However, at some time in the future this may not be possible. The Church will then consider it's options but they remain committed to replacing it.

Thank you so much to those who volunteered to give their time and effort to raise funds - it is appreciated but we can take this no further.

The vicar has made it quite clear what the Church's position is and it is their land and hall.

Below is a statement from Martin:

"The Church is grateful for the expressions of support at the recent Forum Meeting.

"We remain committed to ensuring there is a Church Hall on this site which serves both the needs of church groups and the wider community. The Church Hall Committee have worked hard in recent years to maintain the present building, ensure it meets health and safety requirements and maximize usage, whilst the Church Hall Redevelopment Group continue to consider the long term future.

"There are no immediate plans to replace the present building but it remains a matter of public record that the Church Council, having obtained a full structural survey and ongoing advice from a structural engineer are committed in principle to "the demolition of the existing Church Hall and the building of a new one of suitable design" (The PCC agreed this unanimously on June 21 2005)"


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