Places to Eat in Poulton-le-Fylde

Places to Eat in Poulton-le-Fylde

From the sandwich shop for a breakfast barm, through lunchtime and a cafe lunch, to tea time and something maybe a bit more filling, to the evening for a celebration meal, there is a food business here to suit your taste!

Go out of the town centre and further through Wyre into the surrounding rural areas and you’ll find a whole host of country pubs and hotels. It’s a beautiful area with picturesque settings that you can’t help but admire, whether you live here or are passing through on holiday. If you are it won’t be your last visit – you’ll be back for more!

Poulton-le-Fylde has a wide range of bars and restaurants which open during the day for coffee and snacks. Many of them have outdoor eating facilities in the warmer weather with an attractive pavement cafe culture that creates a continental atmosphere in the town.

Many of them have a split personality and become vibrant night-time venues, which alongside the restaurants and clubs makes Poulton a must-do night out for anyone who enjoys their social life!

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As a local centre which plays host to the Local Authority offices, and with many other government offices in the area, Poulton plays to the local demographic by offering a safe tea time economy for all people of all ages. There are plenty of places to go for after-work drinks and a bite to eat – and the die-hards can carry on and party on into the night!

Shard Riverside Inn
Shard Riverside Inn

town centre pavement cafes
Town centre pavement cafes

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