Old Railway Station and Tracks Uncovered

Old Railway Station and Tracks Uncovered
In recent weeks, ancient railway track over 100 years old has been revealed in Station Road Poulton.
The long derelict site is at the junction of Breck Road and Station Road, adjacent to the traffic lights near the entrance to Wyre Council – it’s being cleared in readiness to erect some assisted living apartments.
While work has been underway, workmen have uncovered the long forgotten remains of what was once the main Poulton railway line. 
Thanks go to local rail enthusiast and regular reader Barrie C Woods for these photos and information. 
The site was formerly the goods yard and the original Poulton-le-Fylde railway station. It was closed to passengers after a serious accident in 1893 caused by a train from Blackpool travelling at excessive speed around a tight curve leading to the station, whereupon it derailed with fatal results. 
Poulton-le-Fylde station was closed in 1896, when the new station opened in Breck Road and a new alignment was formed for trains to Fleetwood. It remained open for goods traffic until 1968.

Close up of the original sidings track, the vertical pieces attached to the track are the remains of the buffer stop.

Track uncovered at the old Poulton railway station

General view of the situation looking towards south-east. Note on the right some of the original stone cobbles and remains of a wall, which was most likely from a goods warehouse, or possibly a weighbridge. The station itself would have been over on the left running parallel to the chain link fencing in front of the railway white houses

Old railway lines uncovered in Poulton

Another close up shows some very ancient chairs in which the sleepers were held to the rails. The longitudinally placed sleepers in between the rails were probably added after rail traffic had finished in order to make easier access for road transport.

Railway lines uncovered in Poulton
Regular reader James Scott added some of his own recollections of local history to this piece, saying:
The line ran through Preston farmers corn mills, crossed the road and ran to the old goods and coal yard behind the old goods and parcel office which lead to the old Fleetwood platform through an archway.
“A man stood in the road with a red flag stopping traffic on the Breck whilst they shunted coal wagons to the coal yard at the rear of the old goods station and parcel office.
“On the right Reg Gardner had his tinsmiths shop and on the left a Mrs Barlow had a sweet shop. I was an apprentice To Reg Gardner, until he died in the 1960s.
“A public foot path ran alongside the Parcel Office over the Golf Course to Links Gate on Tarn Road, Little Thornton.”

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Breck Road and Station Road, Google MapsLand at the corner of Breck Road and Station Road, Poulton. Image from Google maps

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