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About Poulton Partnership

Poulton Partnership, working together to make Poulton stronger!

Poulton Partnership is led by the private sector, with businesses and members of the community working together.

The Partnership has a series of sub groups and individual committees, each themed into individual areas, all reporting back to the main team and enabling co-ordination of activities across Poulton.

The annual Poulton Gala and Poulton Christmas Festival are two big events in the year. Poulton Gala is organised by a team of volunteers which is a sub-committee of Poulton Partnership. The In Bloom team and Poulton and Wyre Railway Society are also involved in the Partnership, along with the Green Team who look after the railway station. What a difference it can make to a town when the community gets involved!

Have a look through this section to find out more about the main areas of activity, and of course there are smaller individual groups sorting out individual projects as time goes on.

performers at Poulton Gala
Performers at Poulton Gala


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