4. Poulton Forum 21 August 2012

PUBLIC FORUM Hosted by Poulton & Carlton Residents’ Association at St Martin’s & St Hilda’s Church Hall on 21 August 2012

Summary of main points discussed, decisions and actions agreed

1. Welcome and Introductions

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Lesley Middleton (Residents’ Association Chair) welcomed those present, including Alf Clempson (assistant to Ben Wallace MP) and the Wyre Councillors in attendance who introduced themselves.

Attendees: 155 members of the public and Councillors Roger Berry, May Gandhi, Peter Gibson, David Henderson, Gordon McCann and Lesley McKay.

Apologies for absence received from: Councillors Barry Birch, Simon Bridge and David Bannister.

Lesley went through the Fire procedures.

2. Finances

After paying the costs of the meeting there would be a balance of £239.00 in the Association’s bank account. Donations towards the ongoing costs of publicity and Hall hire would be gratefully received.

Lesley added that if anyone would like her to (preferably) email or post agendas or notes of future minutes to please fill in the signing in sheets at the entrance.

3. Updates

3.1. Booths Planning Application

Lesley advised that the Booths application would be heard week commencing 3rd September.

3.2 Parking outside Tesco on Garstang Road

There have been problems with people parking on the verge outside Tesco on Garstang Road. Councillor Gibson mentioned this at the Parking Liaison meeting and bollards have now been erected and this should solve any problems.

4. Parking at the Castle Gardens

Councillor Berry gave an update about free parking for shoppers on the Castle Gardens car park. There are currently 37 spaces available for use on the car park paid for by Wyre Borough Council. Two months ago the Council received a letter to terminate the agreement from 31 December 2012 and advised that they would be willing to negotiate a new license agreement but only for 25 spaces. A letter was also issued to the local businesses in the area advising that the brewery wanted to operate a pay and display in the car park.

A meeting was held with local businesses and the brewery where the brewery indicated that they would not now proceed with a pay and display car park and they were happy to negotiate a new agreement.

Better signage is needed to make clear to shoppers where they can park. Also some trees need cutting down and debris covers some of the spaces making it difficult to park in them.

The Council will re negotiate a fair license fee.

5. Railway Bridge Closure: Cllr Peter Gibson

Councillor Gibson advised that there is a lot of work to be done which will cause much disruption but the benefits would be great for the area. There are plans for a direct train to run from Blackpool to London, hopefully stopping in Poulton!

National Rail wanted to commence work in autumn 2012 but the Council have negotiated the start date and the work will now commence on 7 January 2013, this should be completed within 16 weeks. The whole road will not be closed for all of that time. Concerns were voiced about the disruption, and whether there would be contingency plans for Amounderness Way if that ever had to be closed at the same time due to an accident. Councillor Gibson reassured the members of the public that the Council would be opposing any other road closures in the area. He also advised that he would ask for be a revision of the bus routes to be published.

5.1 Points raised by members of the public

Possibility of temporary traffic lights at Carleton crossing to ease any build up of traffic. Councillor Gibson said he would take the idea forward.

Concerns about more people parking in and around Longfield Road. Councillor Gibson advised he would look into this.

Concerns about extra traffic in the Carleton area when the pavements and roads are already in a poor state; there are broken drains which recently have caused flooding. (Lesley is already arranging to meet with the Carleton Community Group who raised this and Councillor Gibson will look in to the issues).

Councillor Gordon McCann advised that if anyone had any queries or concerns about the work they should telephone 08457 114141, or they can visit the website networkrail.com for full details of the work and programme.

6. Carleton Jubilee Festival

This is to be held at Carleton Green Primary School. It was scheduled for 23 June 2012 but due to bad weather was rescheduled for 8 September 2012, 12.30pm till 8pm. This should be a fantastic day with live music from across the region – both professional and amateur. All money raised goes to local children and adults with cystic fibrosis.

7. Poulton Gala: John Bailie

John Bailie thanked the volunteers who worked with him to organise the Gala which was held on 2nd June. He said the day was a huge success although the crowds were slightly down probably due to the Queens Jubilee and the weather.

A new team has been put together and they will meet every month to look at ways to improve the gala for next year. This will be held on 1 June 2013. The committee will be looking at a new route for the procession and at the concept of the gala.

John thanked all who participated and supported the event.

John finished by mentioned Emily Hall, who was a star of the gala and a character in Poulton. Emily sadly passed away on 14 August 2012 and will be sadly missed in the area. Her funeral will be held at the Methodist Church at 11.30am on 28 August 2012. There was a collection tin at the back of the room if anyone wanted to contribute, anything raised would go towards the cost of a horse drawn carriage for the funeral. (Update: £44 was raised. Thanks for all contributions)

8. Dransfield Planning proposals for The Teanlowe/Market Hall

Amanda Holmes, James Shepherd and Dan Cocker gave a short presentation on their proposals for Poulton. This included a short video and the advantages and rewards the area would see from their plans.

Their plan is to build a landmark building and new Tithebarn that would hold the Library, the Post Office and tenants of the current Market Hall. There are plans for a 31,000 sq ft Asda food hall, car park with 2-3 hours free parking, a highway transformation including a relief road through Hardhorn car park and their plans would create 200 jobs.

Dransfield had already successfully planned and implemented a new shopping area in Penistone and they wanted to do the same for Poulton.

The following points were raised in response to questions.

8.1 Concerns

Extra build up of traffic, lorries in the area, if there would be 24 hour opening, loss of WRVS area, accidents occurring, air quality, bus routes effected, loss of free car parking after 6pm, car park spaces and extra noise in the area.

Councillor Ghandi expressed her concerns about the choice of Asda and how councillors in the area supported local and Free Trade produce.

Dransfield advised anyone with any suggestions to contact them and they would be considered, their plans are not fixed. They are currently looking in detail at any feedback received and how this might alter and improve their plans for Poulton.

Some residents were concerned they had not been involved in consultations previously but Dransfield advised that they had advertised their open day locally in the press and everyone had been welcome to attend.

Dransfield confirmed that after their open day they had changed the service area to include trees and a pleasant seating area.

8.2 Opening Hours/ Car parking

Confirmed Asda store would not be open 24 hours. There would be a net loss of 2 car park spaces in the Teanlowe car park and some in the Hardhorn car park because of the relief road.

8.3 Relief Road

The relief road through the Hardhorn Car-park is part of Dransfield’s plans, but not part of the Booths’ application.

(Lesley reminded everyone that Booths confirmed at the last meeting that their plan assumes that the relief road will be built. Councillor Gibson confirmed that LCC and the Highways Agency are considering the matter and talks are continuing but Booths do not have to add a relief road as they aren’t adding any extra retail space to the existing provisions.)

8.4 Co-ordinating Developments: Councillor Gibson confirmed that Dransfield had submitted their planning application and that it and the Booths application will each have to be considered separately, on their own merits. Asked if the best parts of both proposals could not be progressed, he pointed out that the Booths proposal is significantly different in that they already control the land involved and, given permission, intend to press ahead. However they would co-operate with others who want to re-develop and think a positive outcome is possible in due course.

Lesley thanked Dransfield for attending.

9. Crime Update

Sgt Danielle Freaney gave a brief talk about crime in the area, July crime statistics showed improvements from last year. There were problems with break-ins to local businesses and schools, 5 in the last 8 days. Businesses were urged to keep CCTV on at night. Residents should be vigilant and report suspicious activity – using 999 if urgent or 101 if not.

10. Any Other Business

10.1. This week some work started on the derelict site in Station Road. Lesley had been in touch with Wyre Council; who confirmed that Redrow do have planning permission for 81 homes and that in order for this to last for 3 years they have to be seen to do some work on site. However, this does not mean they will be starting building.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at 7pm on 19th November at St Chads Church Hall.

(You can also find agendas and minutes of the meetings on the Visit Poulton website as well as what’s on in the area.)

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