Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes

Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes

The Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes was unsuccessful, but would have seen a very different layout than the one we see today.

Dransfield Properties were the owners of the then Market Hall back in 2013. They had submitted a planning application to change the entrance to the unit. It involved the demolition of the existing jewellery shop which wrapped around the Post Office, and the formation of a new corner entrance.

Dransfield are carrying out the works “to achieve better prominence” and “to enhance the character and appearance of the area comparative to the current appearance of the site”. The Design Access Statement says “the existing unit will remain in its current form but will be provided with a new and more prominent entrance onto the existing pedestrian route.”

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A new corner entrance will be installed (so to mirror the existing one to the old Ethel Austin unit) to achieve better pedestrian movement for the development as a whole.

The existing covered pedestrian link will be retained in its current form but the existing opening into the Market Hall unit will be blocked up by way of a new glazed display window.

To provide the development with some sort of symmetry, this planning application looks to provide a new corner entrance (similar to the unit opposite) to achieve a stronger pedestrian presence onto the existing car park.

The existing signage canopy and clock will be retained as this is a prominent feature of the existing site.

Amanda Holmes, Head of Communications at Dransfield Properties said “the application is to tidy that entrance area up, we don’t have anything to announce in terms of longer term plans for the centre but changing the entrance will certainly make it more attractive to a potential user.”

Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes, Withdrawn 24.1.13

The plans put forward by Dransfield Properties for the redevelopment of the Market Hall and surrounding area have been withdrawn, and the Market Hall closed in July 2013.

Amanda Holmes, from Dransfield Properties, said: “When we bought the Market Hall three years ago there were just six tenants and it would almost certainly have closed at that point if we hadn’t taken it on. We have managed it over that time with a view to delivering a wider scheme for Poulton which the Market Hall would have been a part of.

“Those plans would have enabled us to relocate the Market Hall into a new landmark community building alongside other town centre facilities and services. Unfortunately without the wider support needed to deliver those plans we have had to re-consider the future of the centre as it’s clear we cannot continue to subsidise it as we have for the last three years.

“We have never suggested that we could continue with the Market Hall development without a wider scheme, we did however make a commitment to Poulton and in looking at the options for the future of the building we certainly hope to deliver something which will contribute to the future of the town as a whole.

“There are some great tenants at the Market Hall and we do hope they can continue to trade in the town.”

Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes, jointly with Asda

The new town centre regeneration scheme was brought forward by the town centre development company Dransfield Properties Ltd in August 2012, jointly with ASDA.

The company, which owned The Market Hall in Poulton, submitted its ambitious plans for a new 31,000 sq ft town centre ASDA foodstore which would give more choice to shoppers and create 200 new jobs in the town.

Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes
Dransfield Plan for Market Hall Changes

The development included an oak framed landmark building which was planned to house a new Market Hall as well as the town’s Post Office and library. A new link road to improve town centre traffic flow was also part of the submission.

Dransfield Properties and ASDA submitted the plans to Wyre Council. The proposals were displayed in an open public consultation session in April where 85 per cent of people who expressed a clear preference said they were in favour of the development.

Since then the plans and artists impressions were displayed at The Market Hall in Poulton and changes were made to reflect the feedback received by local residents.

Retail Property Director at Dransfield Properties, Andrew Malley, said: “There was a clear message from people who attended our consultation event, that there are many families in Poulton who are not currently able to do their main food shopping here, and would like to see more choice in the town to meet their needs.”

“People were very impressed with the architecture of the new Market Hall and we had some really positive feedback, we also revisited the architecture of the foodstore following some of the comments we received through the consultation process. We have listened carefully and responded with a well thought through scheme which will benefit the whole town.”

The plans were available to view and comment on through the Wyre Council website and could be viewed on the Dransfield Properties website at www.dransfield.co.uk

Dransfield Properties is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and in 2012 celebrated its 20th anniversary. They have won a number of high profile national awards for a sensitive approach to town centre developments including the BCSC Gold Award for Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough.

Dransfield Properties bought the Village Walks shopping centre in July 2010, a programme of improvements was implemented and it was rebranded as The Market Hall, attracting new tenants.

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