Knitted Xmas Tree

Knitted Xmas Tree

This is a blast from the past. The year when a huge knitted xmas tree went on display. What an achievement that was! It was 20’ tall, woolly and had a seasonal home in Poulton!

The unique knitted Christmas tree displayed complete with knitted decorations. It was the Christmas of 2011 in Poulton Methodist Church on Queensway.

Making a Knitted Xmas Tree

People from all over had been hard at it for weeks. A total of 2000 simple green leaves were made to a simple pattern, to form the main structure of the tree.

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Along with locals from Poulton, people from all over the North West and even America sent in their squares. You’re probably wondering how it was built! A scaffolding shape was erected at the Church by Wyre Council. This was covered in fabric, and the leaves sewn onto the backing cloth. Yellow and red pom-pom decorations brought the tree to life!

Knitted Christmas tree st Poulton Methodist Church in 2011
Knitted Christmas tree st Poulton Methodist Church in 2011

Knitting the community together

Community groups and individuals joined in this project, which had been growing for the previous six years. The fundraising committee started it as a project for the Church and it grew each year. Everyone taking part got such a lot out of it. The planning and preparation brings people together and creates community spirit in the achievement of such a big scheme!

The funds raised have supported other worthy causes, not just the Church. In 2010, half the monies raised went to Help for Heroes and the other half to Church funds. It was just one of the events organised each year by the fundraising group which numbers only a dozen committed members.

Reusing the squares

A knitted Christmas tree is also for life, not just for Christmas!

Knitted squares, made into leaves, in a way that they can be re-used
Knitted squares, made into leaves, in a way that they can be re-used

When the tree was dismantled in January, the pointed ends of the leaves were first unpicked to return each one to a rectangle. They were then sewn together to make knee blankets for elderly people. Some being distributed to nursing homes in the local area and some going abroad.

Imagine that, the Poulton Christmas tree ending up anywhere in the world!

Did you see the Knitted Xmas Tree?

The Church was open for people to call in and look at this masterpiece. Then the tree was dismantled at the beginning of January. Visit Fylde Coast went along to see it and take some photos. It was a really lovely sight to see!

Knitted xmas tree at Poulton Methodist Church
Knitted xmas tree at Poulton Methodist Church

All of the inside of the church was trimmed with decorated live trees for the Christmas tree festival. They were on loan from The Plant Place, sat in special holders so they could be watered and kept fresh. 50 trees were put in place at the beginning of December, available for people to buy and take home.

It’s a lovely church, Christmas or not. Why don’t you call in at any time during the year? While you’re there enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the cafe – it’s well worth a visit!


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