Singleton Cloggers

Singleton Cloggers

Singleton Cloggers are a traditional performing Clog Morris Team – do you fancy joining in?

The team has been in existence for over 65 years now; originally formed to take part in Singleton Village Day and other local Galas, they’ve gone from strength to strength.

They still dance at local galas and many other events and have recently performed in Fleetwood during the weekend of the Final Fylde Folk Festival.

New musicians and dancers are always wanted – if you fancy keeping fit and having fun why don’t you go along to one of their taster sessions to have a go?

We meet in Singleton Village Hall every Monday evening.

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Do you fancy dancing? We would love to have new dancers so if you fancy a go at dancing you will be made most welcome.

Singleton Cloggers perform at Poulton 2013
Singleton Cloggers perform at Poulton 2013

No experience needed! We can teach you all you need to know.

We are always on the look out for musicians too, so if you play an instrument, why not come along?

What do we Do?

Singleton Cloggers perform at Poulton 2013
Singleton Cloggers perform at Poulton 2013

From its simple origins of just dancing at Singleton, Weeton and Poulton galas the team has developed into a social group who still dance mostly locally but have been known to venture further afield; as far as the Isle of Man, Cockermouth, Durham, Oxford and numerous places in between.

Singleton Cloggers have a long tradition and have some unique dances that no other teams perform which are named after places around Singleton (Todderstaffe, Kennelwood, Upstreets & Singleton) or past members (Monica Lee & Angie Barker) as well keeping alive those dances from Poulton-le-Fylde and Fleetwood (first performed over 100 years ago) to name but a few.

We have always been a mixed team and need men and women to join us as we are eager to attract new members to help us to keep local traditions alive.

We meet every Monday night at Singleton Village Hall between 7:30 and 9:30. You are welcome any time but especially at our showcase evenings.

So do come along and have a go – you may enjoy it – and it’s a fabulous way to keep fit and get trim!

For further details please contact
Eileen Skinner
01253 301483

More about Singleton Cloggers

Formed 65 years ago to lead the procession at Singleton Village Day, Singleton Cloggers are still going strong and entertaining all over the Fylde Coast!

Singleton Cloggers were formed in 1949, leading the gala procession at Singleton village once a year. They were all local residents who performed in uniforms not too dissimilar to those worn today. There have been a few quiet periods in the groups history, but since the seventies Singleton Cloggers have kept tradition alive and entertained the crowds with English folk dance, as a North West Clog Morris Team and part of the Morris Federation.

A local lady called Marjorie Ward reformed the group in the early seventies and since then new dances have been added, some named after local landmarks, all of which were created by the team. There have been many variations of uniform, however, the clogs have remained the constant. There are now over 26 dancers and seven musicians and Singleton Cloggers travel much further a field within the UK performing with other teams in colourfull dance and music extravaganzas, including folk festivals in Oxford and Durham. Strong support is maintained through roots with the galas of Singleton, Weeton, Poulton-le-Fylde, Tram Sunday, Fleetwood Folk Festival and other local events.

The group were excited to be booked in the summer of 2011 to perform at a private party in Chorley. The drink brand Pimms had organised a national competition where the winner received their own high class summer garden party. The Cloggers were booked through a prestigious London company, and with military organisational precision were booked to play at the 40th birthday party, and got a glimpse of how the other half live!

Eileen Skinner is the Squire of Singleton Cloggers and she makes sure that the group are organised at performances. ‘I organise the dances on the day and call the moves and generally make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. The leader of th epack, I suppose you could say, so I make sure we all know what we are doing!’

The weekend of 17/18 September 2011 was the Weekend of Dance, which has been running since 1999 and is the annual invitation to other performers to showcase their talents. Unfortunately the Saturday was quite wet, following a week of bad local weather in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katia which blew over from America. Seven other teams had been invited for a presentation of dance and fun and an opportunity to mix with other teams, with morning and afternoon sessions in Poulton Market Square followed by performances on the Sunday at The Plough, Staining, from 11.30 – 2pm.

Singleton Cloggers continues as a mixed team, keeping a years old tradition alive on the Fylde Coast, though these days the members live all around the Fylde. In order to maintain our high standards, we practice every Monday evening in Singleton Village Hall at 7.30pm, the performance season usually runs from May to September. New members are always very welcome, so come along if you want to learn traditional English dance, or if you are a musician who can hold a Morris tune. All types of instrument are welcome.

If you’d like to know more you can get in touch
Phone: 01253 301483

Check out their website at this link


Singleton cloggers
Singleton Cloggers

Singleton Cloggers
Performing at Poulton Gala

Singleton Cloggers taster session

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