Bonfire and Firework Display

Bonfire and Firework Display

The Rotary Club hold their Annual Poulton Bonfire and Firework Display each year, on Bonfire Night, 5 November itself.

Poulton Bonfire and Firework Display at Cottam Hall Fields

The Rotary Club of Poulton-le-Fylde is holding its annual Bonfire & Fireworks Spectacular on

Monday 5 November

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Gates open from 6pm, Fire lighting at 7pm, Fantastic Fireworks at 7.30pm

All the usual fun and excitement – for the 34th year! The evening promises to be the best Bonfire event in the Fylde.
At Cottam Hall Playing Fields. Blackpool Old Road, Poulton, FY6 7RN

  • Live Music
  • Burgers
  • Ice Cream
  • Tea and Coffee

Tickets on the gate:
Adults £5, children £3, family saver £15 (2 adults and 4 children)


Please remember ALL proceeds go to local charities. Organised and run by Rotary Club of Poulton le Fylde

Poulton Bonfire and Firework Display at Cottam Hall Fields

Notes about Firewood for Poulton Bonfire and Firework Display

Because of where the bonfire is held, the organisers can only accept firewood which is brought to site on the day…November 5th.

There’s a lot to do on the day so the team of volunteers will be on site early in the morning – ideally you should get your firewood there by about 2pm please.

They can also only accept material that doesn’t create dark smoke – so no beds, settees or roofing boards with felt etc.

Timber, fencing, trees (but not tree trunks) wooden furniture, in fact anything made of wood is ideal. They cannot have materials that take a long time to burn, as someone has to guard the fire until it has gone out. Things like wooden palettes are ideal.

As you can imagine the organisers have to be particular about what they burn in order to satisfy their H&S Policy, and be generally environmentally aware.

Bonfire Night is a time when people often like to have a clear out and your goodwill is appreciated but sadly they can’t oblige. Many thanks for all your support, and fingers crossed for good weather.

Can you Help?

As ever the Rotary Club are looking for local Companies to help sponsor this community event to whatever financial level they can.

More About Poulton Rotary Club and your local Bonfire

Message from your local Rotary Club in Poulton-le-Fylde

As Autumn begins and Summer is left behind, one of the consolations is that we can look forward to the traditional festivities to come.

Christmas and New Year of course but before that comes Bonfire Night. For over 30 years Poulton-le-Fylde Rotary Club has organised a Bonfire and Fireworks display on Cottam Hall Playing Fields. This is now one of the last remaining major events, along with Poulton Gala, which everyone in the community can enjoy.

Over the years the event has grown and families can now enjoy not just the bonfire and fireworks, but also live music from local bands and a variety of food and drink.

The Rotary Club has two aims in organising this event. It’s a safe environment where people of all ages, but especially children, can enjoy the show. It also enables money to be raised for a whole range of charities, both locally and further afield.

Brian House, for example, has benefitted from the generosity of the people of Poulton and everyone else who has come along to enjoy the event.

So bring the family along to Cottam Hall and enjoy another Poulton Bonfire this year.


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